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Separating Parents Info

Separating Parents Information Programmes (SPIPS)

The Programme encourages parents to take steps for themselves, away from court, and can help make sure that any agreement made is based on the child’s needs. It aims to help both parents improve communication skills as separated parents.

The programme consists of two sessions, each lasting two hours, or one four-hour session. Parents need to be there for the whole programme to benefit fully from the content.

Separated couples do not go on the same course, but it is important that both parents go on a programme. A SPIP might be helpful for parents (or other parties) when:

  • you have difficulty focusing on your children’s need due to ongoing conflict
  • you find that your feelings and reactions to the separation are affecting your ability to communicate about your children
  • you would like communication to improve

The cost of attending a SPIP is £150 per person inclusive. This will include discussion about your needs in advance of the sessions, and help with finding the next steps following programme attendance.

For further information on our SPIPs programmes please contact Dawn Jenkins

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